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The 340Best team strives to provide relevant and insightful information. See below for a few of our published pieces in the 340B field.

Hosted by 340B Report | October 7, 2021

340B Report selected our very own Founder and CEO, Anula Courtis, to shine in their 340B Industry Leader Spotlight!

Anula talks about…

  • Her background and some personal fun facts
  • Why she loves 340B and what makes 340Best stand out
  • And advice to young professionals entering the 340B space

Visit 340B Report’s 340B Industry Leader Spotlight to read the interview!

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340B Report selected to feature our Board member, Miles Truesdell, in their 340B Industry Leader Spotlight!

Miles talks about

  • His background and favorite food, movie, musicians and destination
  • 340Best and what makes the company stand out in the industry
  • His contributions and recommendations for young professionals in the 340B space

Visit 340B Report’s 340B Industry Leader Spotlight to read the interview.

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Hosted by FQHC Connect | August 10, 2021

Did you know prescriptions written for your patients by referral providers may be 340B eligible?

Did you know these prescriptions are often high value and can significantly increase your health center’s 340B savings?

Join Steve Weinman, Lesa Peterson, and Kartik Joneja for a 30 minute discussion on this often overlooked source of 340B savings that many community health centers are not aware of, and how to capture 340B savings from referral prescriptions.

We will discuss

  • How to recognize referral provider prescriptions
  • How to confirm 340B eligibility of referral provider prescriptions
  • Which 340B eligible referral provider prescriptions will yield significant 340B savings
  • How to “close the documentation loop” and ensure compliance with 340B regulations

Visit https://bit.ly/2WiyFjG to view the webinar recording and learn more!

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By: The 340Best Team | July 7, 2021

As drug manufacturers request more oversight and scrutiny surrounding the 340B program intensifies, compliance with regulations must be your top priority when participating in the 340B program.  Recently, 340B eligible covered entities utilizing contract pharmacies have become a primary target for drug manufacturers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM’s) seeking to stifle the overall program under the guise of preventing duplicate discounts.  As such, now is a good time to evaluate the health of your contract pharmacy program.

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Written By: 340Best Team | December 2, 2022 

The 340Best team is heading back to the 340B Coalition Winter Conference in San Diego, CA. The conference will be held March 27-29, 2023. Click here for more information.

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Written By: Anula Courtis, CEO, 340Best | November 5, 2021

Program integrity is crucial to the management of a covered entity’s 340B operations. Key components include knowing what is expected of the covered entity and having the right questions to ask your third party administrator about their practices and software. The purpose of this article is to highlight valuable objectives to have in place to ensure continuous program oversight and compliance with 340B guidelines and regulations. In this piece, I focus in particular on compliance and oversight related to patient eligibility and include important questions 340B providers must ask to both optimize their program performance and ensure compliance.

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This article originally appeared in 340B Report, your indispensable source for news and information about the 340B program.

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