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The 340Best Advantage

340Best understands the complexities, challenges and nuances of the 340B Program. Our expertise coupled with our proprietary software, InfoPoint, provide assist key stakeholders establish a viable and successful 340B Program. Our clients maximize serving their communities, while remaining compliant with HRSA regulations. The 340Best approach includes an assessments of the entity’s current program (including use of other third party administrators); recommendations for program adjustments, and, when requested, integration of our InfoPoint platform for administration and compliance services access. New to the 340B program? Our team will work with you to implement a successful program right from the beginning. Our implementations are conducted with benchmark speed and precision and include six fundamental stages.

340B Consulting Services and Value includes:

  • Expand your 340B Program – using a variety of techniques including facilitating mutually beneficial 340B relationships with local pharmacies.
  • Contract Pharmacy Analysis – ensuring pharmacy relationships make financial sense.
  • Findings Analysis – identifying potential risks, internal control gaps and other compliance issues.
  • Diversion and corrective action recommendations – addressing risk caused by non-compliant issues.
  • HRSA Audit readiness and support – providing clients with the assurance that they are ready for their audit.
  • 340B Program Implementation and support – supporting entities new to the 340B Program.
  • 340B Program Compliance review – reviewing the program quarterly to ensure best outcomes.