Audit and compliance

Ongoing, autonomous audit preparation.

Taking advantage of the robust analysis and real-time reporting provided by InfoPoint, this comprehensive toolset analyzes all audit-relevant data to ensure regulation adherence. Results are used to manage 340B program participation day-to-day, pre-emptively resolve potential HRSA findings, prepare for audits, and maximize savings by recovering lost revenue.

Take control with 340Best Audit & Compliance Services including:

  • Total 340B program oversight via aggregation of all HRSA-relevant data, including data tracked by other TPAs, third-party software, and internal systems.
  • An intuitive dashboard with informative snapshots of critical 340B program elements.
  • Revenue recovery functions that capture previously missed claims.
  • Thorough findings analysis identifying potential risks such as duplicate discounts, patient eligibility, internal control gaps, Contract Pharmacy compliance, and 340B and GPO drug validity. Quarterly review of findings and finding trends.
  • Diversion and corrective action recommendations to address potential risk caused by non-compliant issues.
  • HRSA-ready reports providing current and historical data on patients, payments, and prescribers.
  • Self-audit function providing a real-time, accurate assessment of potential HRSA findings.
  • Secure, cloud-based archives storing all prior audits and historical records on patients, payments, pharmacies, etc. that can be accessed at any time.
  • Covered entity verification via OPAIS
  • In-depth compliance reports
  • Claims-level issues reporting
  • Cost trends tracking
  • Contract Pharmacy self-audit prep

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